Planned Giving
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Legacy Society Members

Bequests and other planned gifts increase the seminary's endowment, thereby ensuring the continuance of the Southwest mission—to prepare mature Christian leaders for ministry in all walks of life. The value of this particular gift grows with each generation of seminarians who are well prepared to do God's good work. Such a gift is truly a legacy.

As members of the John Hines Legacy Society, the following friends have indicated their intention to remember the seminary in their estate plans, or their estate gifts have been committed:


The Rev. Dr. William Seth Adams, D.D., '17 & The Rev. Amy Donohue, '93

The Rev. Richard J. Aguilar, '86 & Mrs. Janet Aguilar

The Rev. Gene R. Anderson, '64 & Mrs. Suzan L. Anderson

The Rev. Canon Lawson M. Anderson, D.D., '65, '92 †

The Rt. Rev. David E. Bailey, D.D., '79, '12 & Mrs. Anne J. Bailey

Mrs. Evelyn Bailey † & The Rt. Rev. Scott F. Bailey, Sr., '87 †

Mrs. Mary L. Bailey & Mr. Scott F. Bailey, Jr.

The Rev. Dr. Susan J. Barnes, '01

Mr. L. R. Brammer, Jr. † & Mrs. Dorothy Brammer †

Ms. Fredricka Brecht

Mrs. Ethel R. Broussard † & Mr. C. H. Broussard †

Ms. Ruth J. Buttrey †

The Rev. Joseph W. Calhoun, Jr., '02 & Mrs. Anna Calhoun, '02

The Rev. Charles E. Chatham, '70 & Mrs. Melynda Chatham

Mr. Frederick L. Clement & Mrs. Donna Clement

Dr. Malcolm L. Cooper, D.HL, '88 & Mrs. Robin Cooper

The Rev. Gary Cox, '06

The Rev. Dr. Sean A. Cox, '96 & Mrs. Katherine S. Cox

The Rev. Jo Roberts Craig, '85

Ms. Lora-Frances Davis †

Mr. Richard H. Davis & Mrs. Barbara Davis

The Rev. Owen J. Dice, '59 † & Mrs. Nancy Dice †

Mr. Darin N. Digby & Mrs. Barbara Digby

The Rev. Douglas Earle, '84 & The Rev. Mary C. Earle, '87

Mrs. Sharon Edwards † & The Rev. Rick D. Edwards, '90 †

The Rev. Canon Angela Emerson, '06

Ms. Diane Epke

Mrs. Suzan E. Fenner & Mr. Peter R. Fenner

The Rev. Claire Cowden Field, '96, '15

Dr. William G. Gamel † & Mrs. Nancy Gamel

The Rev. William S. Gannon, '62 & Mrs. Barbara G. Gannon

Mrs. Dolores R. Goble

The Rev. Mary E. Green, '92 & Dr. Robert A. Green

The Rev. Daphne B. Grimes, '85 †

Ms. Sarah Hales, '07

The Rt. Rev. Dena A. Harrison, D.D., '87, '08 & Mr. Larry N. Harrison

Mr. Robert C. Heidrick, J.D.

The Rev. Canon Liz H. Hendrick, '08

Ms. Norma J. Hester

The Rev. Canon Dr. A. Morgan Hickenlooper, '93 & Mrs. Mary Hickenlooper

The Rt. Rev. Rayford B. High, Jr. & The Rev. Canon Dr. Ann Normand

The Very Rev. Evelyn W. Hornaday, '00

Dr. Sim Hulsey

The Rev. Charles H. Huffman, '66 & Mrs. Carolyn Huffman †

The Rev. Hillyer B. Jackson, Jr., '59 †

The Rev. Dr. Micah T. J. Jackson & Mrs. Laura W. Jackson, '12

The Rev. Paula K. Jefferson, '18

The Rev. William G. Jarrell, Sr., '58 †

Mrs. Ellen Jockusch

Mr. John S. Jockusch, D.HL, '14 †

The Rev. Katherine Johnson, '10 & Mr. Steve Johnson

Ms. Caroline C. Jones

The Rev. Nan N. Kennedy, '92

Dr. J. Gordon Kingsley

The Very Rev. Cynthia Briggs Kittredge, ThD

The Rev. Everett C. Lees, '09 & Mrs. Kristin Lees

Ms. Jean D. Lehman †

The Rev. Dr. John G. Lewis & Mrs. Patricia G. Bridwell

The Very Rev. Justin A. Lindstrom, '99 & Mrs. Susan Lindstrom

The Rt. Rev. Dr. James B. Magness, D.D., '77, '12 & Mrs. Carolyn H. Magness

The Rev. Clifton A. Mann, '79 †

Mrs. Sara Jo Manning

The Rev. Lisa Mason, '09 & Mr. Kirt Mason

Mrs. Helen McAllister & The Rt. Rev. Gerald N. McAllister, D.D., '00 †

Dr. George L. McGonigle, D.D., '84 & Mrs. Martha A. McGonigle

The Rev. Patrick Miller, '00 & Mrs. Allison Miller

Mr. Wally Moore & Mrs. Polly Moore

The Rev. Janie Kirt Morris, '90

Mrs. Mary Mowlam & Mr. Thomas Mowlam †

Dr. Lucy C. Nazro, '66, '04 & The Rev. A. Phillips Nazro, Jr., '66 †

The Rev. Ann J. Nelson, '84

The Rev. Canon William D. Nix, Jr., '74 & Mrs. Puddin H. Nix

Professor A. W. Nolle †

Mr. Duncan E. Osborne

The Rt. Rev. S. Todd Ousley, D.D., '91, '08 & Mrs. Ann S. Ousley

Mrs. Elizabeth I. Patterson †

Mr. William E. Patterson & Mrs. June Patterson

The Rev. Mary T. Piotrowski, '03 & Mr. Ron Piotrowski

Mrs. Annie M. Polk † & Mr. Clarke A. Polk †

Mr. James M. Poteet †

The Rev. Dr. Allen P. Price, '55 † & Mrs. Nancy Price †

Mrs. Brenda W. Richardson †

The Rt. Rev. Gregory H. Rickel, D.D., '96, '08 & Mrs. Marti R. Rickel

Mr. Kenneth R. Robertson, '84

Ms. Yvette C. Rosenthal †

The Rev. Dr. Kathleen S. Russell & The Rev. Michael Russell

Dr. Robert G. Schwartz, Jr .

Mr. Eric A. Scott and Mrs. Laura Maxwell-Scott

The Rev. Judy K. Sessions, '91

Dr. Stanley G. Shaffer, D.HL, '06

The Rev. Sylvia K. Shirley, '06

Mr. Russell S. Sifers & The Rev. Julianne Sifers, '96 †

Mrs. Cathryn C. Smith † & The Rev. Wilford D. Watts, '56 †

The Rev. L. Murdock Smith, PhD, '82 & Mrs. Linda V. Smith

The Rev. Letitia L. Smith, '99 & The Rev. Bradley Laycock, Jr., '99

Ms. Nancy Hines Smith

Col. William A. Speary, Sr. † & Mrs. Lee Speary †

Ms. Nancy Springer-Baldwin, '86

Mr. Jack B. St. Clair †

Mr. Jon Steffens & Mrs. Veronica Steffens

The Rev. Canon Edward A. Sterling, III, '57

Mr. David A. Tait, '82 † & Dr. Laura H. Tait

The Very Rev. Dr. Steven L. Thomason, M.D., '04 & Mrs. Kathy Thomason

The Very Rev. Barkley Thompson, '03

The Rev. Canon Thomas E. Tiller, Jr., '58 †

Mr. Matthew Trietsch, '22

Mrs. Dorothy M. Viles † & Mr. Prentice Viles †

The Rev. Stacy Walker, '06

Ms. Jan F. Wallace

Dr. Corinne R. Ware, '89 †

The Rev. Gregory Warren, '18 & Mr. Mark Lamb

Mr. John Bennet Waters & The Rev. Margaret Waters, '00

The Rev. Dr. Marta S. Weeks-Wulf, D.D., '91, '06 & Mr. Karl Wulf

Mr. Leon A. Whitney & Mrs. Kay Whitney

The Rev. Dr. Joyce M. Wilkinson, '01

The Rev. Frank E. Wilson, '74 & Mrs. Alys Wilson

Dr. Leila D. C. Wynn, D.HL, '08

† indicates a deceased member of the John Hines Legacy Society.

For information about the John Hines Legacy Society, please contact:
Wally Moore, Director of Major Gifts and Planned Giving at 512-439-0326 or